‘The Music Life’... much like ‘Life, Itself’

This music thing, much like anything in life, is like attempting to get on a super highway:

As a ‘rookie’, you’re so eager to accelerate on the on-ramp and get your ass into ‘life in the fast lane.’ 100 MPH to freedom!

But it’s that damn slow lane, that’s always filled bumper-to-bumper with many others:

They’re either stuck in their anxious ways and can’t handle the speed... stuck in a rut and can’t decide on the next move... or, sadly, have officially had enough and looking for the next exit...

… and it’s always ‘rush hour.’

All you want is a window, and you’ll do whatever it takes to get in... then get a shot at the next move... and depending on what kind of super highway you choose to enter... one more lane... ‘the fast lane.’

If you’re too eager, or too aggressive, you ‘crash and burn.’ If you take your sweet time, or become too timid and indecisive, it messes up the eager guys behind you, leading to another possible ‘crash and burn.’

It’s all about patience and opportunity - waiting your turn - then striking when the window opens.

And never looking back.

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