An exact year ago, I wrote a post to tell all of you that I would be starting a blog, detailing what I imagined would be a very busy year with the releases of my two debut singles, ‘Rain’ and ‘Only One.’


It turns out that 2018 was so busy that there was no time to fit in a blog post anywhere. Which sucks, because this year was FILLED with amazing experiences - road trips, a flight out west, excessive amounts of Yuengling consumption on beaches, and… above all else… gigs all over America. Literally.

Damn - that’s an awesome thing to say.

This year was, without a doubt, my greatest year career-wise, and there are a ton of you to thank:


To JONATHAN CAMACHO - my Master Jedi - thank you so much for fitting me into your extremely busy schedule to hammer out the tunes, and continuing to be a pivotal, um, ‘force’ in my journey.

You’re an amazing producer and musician - but more importantly - you’re an amazing person. I look forward to learning more and more from you in the years to come. Thank you!


To GARTH LaGRONE - my Partner-in-Crime - thank you for letting me tag along with you during two tours, the ‘Christmas Hangover’ tour and the ‘Honky Tonks and Cheap Motels’ tour.

Ten dates in seven states, and traveled across other states, as well. Without a doubt - it was the No. 1 highlight of the year. Thanks, Brother!


To THOMAS WRIGHT - my Texas Connection - you’ve put me in front of more Texas Music fans than I’ve ever been in front of. Pflugerville, Cottonwood Shores, Kingwood, Midland, Corsicana, Gail, and many, many other points in between.

Got to see some of the most beautiful landscapes of this wonderful state along the way, and it’s all because of your hard work. Thanks so much, Man! (Just remembered - Tulsa! Not Texas, but you know what I mean. Ha!)


To LINDA WILSON - ‘Madam President’ - I’ve only known you for a short time, but you’ve already opened up a ton of doors for me this year, and I absolutely cannot wait for 2019. Gonna be a blast! Many thanks to you and Richard for everything.


There’s a ton more that I could list here - I swear, this would take all year - and next year - this is my place to tell you, ‘Thank you so much!’

A great year awaits!

Thank you!

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