Summer. 2007.

A late-night severe thunderstorm highlighted this particular August Sunday's events in the 'pine curtain' of East Texas.

A yellow-toned kitchen light illuminated the bottom floor of an empty White Oak, Texas condominium, as an old-school digital alarm clock radio played classics from the '50s and '60s on KZQX-FM.

The lone residents in the kitchen refrigerator were about 26 Milwaukee's Best Light cans and a half-empty fifth of Southern Comfort.

And in the corner across the way leaned an old, beat-up acoustic guitar that belonged to Garth LaGrone at the time.

This wreaks of cliché, to be sure. Like witnessing the Frankenstein movies or the birth of Darth Vader. But, as fate would have it, there we stood... 

The guitar.

And me.

Ten years later - including over 300 shows spanning from Louisiana to California - here we are. Welcome to the show!





PHOTO: James Taylor

ON LOCATION: Dallas, Texas - January 2018

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